Escornabot HFD

Hardware Freedom Day Escornabot Release



Escornabot HFD is a project born with the celebration Hardware Freedom Day to improve, build and conquer the world with the Escornabot.

Thanks to the AGUSL 2020 agreement between AMTEGA and various associations and groups of users of free software, we have been able to cover the costs associated with the development and testing of the project and a small print run of kits to distribute among interested schools.

The celebration of the HFD is the perfect excuse to set milestones related to FLOSHS (Free Libre Open Source Hardware and Software). With this in mind, Bricolabs is considering Escornabot HFD 2020 as an opportunity to:

  • Develop a new “green” version of the Escornabot PCB that can run on rechargeable batteries
  • Launch a challenge to print in 3D dozens of Escornabot bodies with the help of the Maker Community
  • Delivering Escornabot kits together with printed pieces to educational and special interest centres throughout the country
  • Collect the experiences of the Escornabot HFD 2020 edition



See detailed documentation in our wiki

Build-up instructions

Detailed instructions to build up a Escornabot HFD robot are available in our wiki (only spanish version, sorry)


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